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Welcome to Farmer's Pantry

Farmer’s Pantry is a local kitchen that creates a variety of unique, healthy, ready-to-heat meals and snacks that are sold on-line and at local retailers and markets.


Interested in buying our products on-line? Click below to visit our shop.

We also do small batch co-packing. Cut your kitchen waste and labour costs to almost nothing by having us make and package your recipes.

Are you a chef, entrepreneur, cooking instructor or just love to entertain? We have a fully equipped commercial kitchen to rent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our regular daytime hours are $25 an hour! The most cost-effective rate in the city :)

Our products

Our fabulous soups, dips, pâtés, salamis and hearty ready-to-heat meals make eating in a pleasure.

We make everything locally in small batches, guaranteeing freshness and full flavour. With generous portions, unique recipes, and plentiful vegan and vegetarian options, there's something for the whole family.

Until recently you could find us exclusively at Toronto's top food retailers - now this bounty is also available to you here for delivery or pick-up.


All of our items are also available for wholesale purchase, packaged for retail sales, or portioned for foodservice.

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About Farmer's Pantry

With Michael & Fleetwood at the helm, Farmers Pantry is a local Toronto kitchen that creates a wide range of dips, soups, pâtés, delicious ready-to-heat meal selections and other unique items. We sell our products here on-line and wholesale to a variety of local businesses in the Toronto area. We believe that tasty, locally sourced, healthy food shouldn’t be complicated or require tons of time to prepare.

Farmers Pantry was built from the ground up, starting in 2006 with only two or three recipes. In an impossibly small space in the back of the Leslieville Cheese Market, we created our first dips and soups. Our popularity and product list rapidly grew, and the rest is delicious history! Currently we have over 60 delectable and unique products available in our on-line shop, for wholesale or to be served at local restaurants.

In 2015, remembering our days in our first tiny kitchen, we jumped on the opportunity to lease an empty space and build a commercial kitchen! We wanted to help new chefs and entrepreneurs with something that we never had as a new business: affordable commercial kitchen space. Standard Toronto rates for kitchen rental are out of reach for aspiring chefs; we’re here to bridge that gap with a fully equipped kitchen at very affordable rates.

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